How We Can Help

What We Offer

We offer our clients and customers the opportunity to join us in the business hub of London, offering added value within the prevailing supply chain constraints.

How Do We Do This?

Bridgefellows supply a solution to the skills shortage in the Customer Market and Supplier Technology providers evident in the UK marketplace through our newly launched Sponsor License for skilled workers program.

The return of investment would be justified through increased revenue from customers and UK focused, competitive supplies from suppliers.

Our Objectives

  • To increase sales by an annual growth rate of 50% per year for 3 years on revenue and 15% per year for 3 years on EBIT before stabilising into sustainable growth by 2026.
  • Allocate a Project Coordinator/Manager per line of business of which we have 5 signed up suppliers (qualified international brands) and 4 VIP customers based out of Africa and Middle East.
  • Promote London as the global trade hub with its reputable, ‘easy to do’ business approach and access to financial, legal and business professional services.
  • To outsource all professional services (Immigration Legal & Chartered Accountancy) whilst introducing other UK SMEs in the vertical markets for possible inclusion in the supply chain contracts.

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